Your roof has to put up with a lot of punishment; extreme weather conditions, heavy rain, frost, glaring sunshine and strong winds can all wear away at roofing materials, no matter how strong or reliable.

Damage and general wear and tear can easily lead to expensive rotting roof timbers and even threats to the general public if not dealt with. To counter this, we provide all our domestic and commercial clients with a comprehensive maintenance service.

We provide a full roof maintenance service designed to identify problems at the earliest stage and professionally remedy them before they turn into a serious issue.

Utilising the experience and expertise of our dedicated and professional roofers, we provide a complete maintenance and care service, ranging from a simple one off maintenance check to look for any potential problems to periodic preventative maintenance contracts to make sure flat roofs stay watertight.

Our checks and surveys include every element of the roof including the flashings that join it to the building, the guttering that can easily clog up with leaves and moss, evidence of damp patches or leaks within the attic.

The main benefit of having regular roof maintenance is that it will prevent the need for more costly repairs in the future. During the maintenance process, we can quickly and easily replace loose slates and worn felt, assess and repair chimney stacks and clear potential guttering blockages before they can really start.

Our maintenance programmes are entirely tailored towards your requirements. We will visit your property at your convenience and as frequently as you feel necessary. If that means visiting during out of office hours we will do so and our roofer will carry out maintenance for you every month, every other month or once a year, depending on your needs.